AM friends & fans as we all know, the music biz we all grew up in is changing dramatically. Fortunately for musicians in our field, technology gives us the ability to communicate directly with our fans and increasingly provides tools that help you help us. That's right! You become a powerful ally in spreading the word about AUDIOMOUTH, our tour dates, our music, news, merchandise, organizations & causes we feel strongly about and support through donations and giving back to our communities.  The power of music is awesome! 

So if you’re game, we want you to join our AUDIOMOUTH Street Team. What does it mean? Well, we'll email you from time to time and ask you to help us promote AUDIOMOUTH. When we have a show in your area, we need help getting the word out, talking up the show to your friends, and using facebook, myspace, twitter, etc to get the word out.  AUDIOMOUTH’s main sites include Facebook and the official website at . To thank you for your hard work, we can provide tickets to exclusive shows, discounts on merchandise, and other perks.  As we start getting new music out to the public, our street team is involved in contests and other grassroots campaigns to market the release.

Last year over 100 of our closest fans received exclusive tickets at no cost to join AUDIOMOUTH as they performed on the EDDIE MONEY Tour and more joined the band as they rocked the stage with their friends SEVEN MARY THREE.  Others received tickets for their show for the NBA/San Antonio Spurs as well as the Alamo Bowl 2010, 2011 performance worth over $250. 

It only takes a second to join, and we promise it won't hurt a bit. If you haven't already, please join our AUDIOMOUTH Street Team by simply joining our mailing list and indicating a check mark by fan and Street Team or you can email the band to .  Please include in the subject line “I Wanna Join the AUDIOMOUTH Street Team”.  Join up.  Thanks!